This Gizmo Turns Any Surface Into A Multi-touch Gesture Device [Video]

The touch-based environment has risen to prominence over the past few years, with many skeptics and naysayers having been won over in the process. As well as the increase in the number of smartphones, tablets and other touch-enabled gadgets sold every year, we’ve also seen efforts to bring gestures to our regular computers and notebooks. Some have focused on air gestures, allowing users to swipe using simple hand signals, while others, like the $75 offering seen below, have sought to turn everyday surfaces into touch panels.

As Microsoft learned in quite abject fashion following the launch of the tablet-favoring Windows 8 platform back in 2012, there’s nothing wrong with the keyboard and mouse. With that said, they do feel somewhat antiquated in this modern digital age, and as Ractiv has shown with its just-released Touch+ gesturing gadget, it may well be high time we ditched these relics and moved onto something a little more contemporary.

TouchPlus main

Besides being an inconspicuous device that doesn’t hog too much desk space, the nicely-priced Touch+ is multi-platform, and having run a Kickstarter campaign last year for its development, has since tweaked the design and functionality ready for the consumer market.

So, how does the Touch+ work? Essentially, it packs in two cameras, creating a 3D field from which to pinpoint your gestures, and as well as Windows, can also support Apple devices running either OS X or iOS. With Linux and Android compatibility forthcoming, as well as smart TV support, the Ractiv Touch+ knows no bounds, and given that it’s now on general sale, you could ditch your mouse forever for the sum total of $75.

The Touch+ can clip onto your laptop for multi-touch gestures over the entire keyboard surface area, which is ideal when you wish to work productively in places where space may be at a premium.

Of course, as well as displacing your mouse for general navigation, it can also be used for the purpose of playing games, browsing the Web, and with a free-standing mount also a part of the $75 bundle, you can easily add a touch pad to your standard desktop set-up.

If you’re interested, you can grab more details by heading over to:

Would you ditch your much-loved mouse for the Touch+?

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