This Android App Increases Standby Time On Battery, Offers Several Power Saving Modes And More [VIDEO]

Companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC and Motorola are consistently pushing the boundaries of what we believe is possible with technology, often resulting in more powerful hardware with extended functionality. There’s undoubtedly a trade-off that comes hand-in-hand with that level of engineering commitment; an increased specification and feature set invariably means more power drain and a reduced battery life. OnePowerGuard Pro for Android may not be the holy grail of solutions to that issue, but it certainly appears to be one of the most comprehensive offers we have seen yet for rooted Android hardware.

The purpose of the OnePowerGuard Pro mobile software is to save battery life on rooted Android smartphones. Nothing more. Nothing less. There will always be consumers who are more than happy to have a reduced battery life in return for new and exciting features. Conversely, there will always be users of mobile hardware who think battery life is the single most important aspect of the device and think that it should never be compromised for for functionality. Manufacturers simply cannot win. OnePowerGuard Pro is an aftermarket solution that offers a heavily optimized analysis of the device based on real-time parameters.


In its simplest form the app will immediately extend the device’s standby time and battery life and will even optimize the charging cycles to make sure the battery is as efficient as possible. The developers behind this solution have also integrated six entirely customized power-saving modes that can be switched on and off to suit varying scenarios on the device. This level of detail not only makes perfect sense for the average user who doesn’t have a technical understanding of smartphone processes, but also shows just how optimized the solution is for all that use it. The optimization is also taken further with system kernel and CPU monitoring that promises to bring improved device performance.

If all of that seems a little heavy-handed and a bit too technical then the intelligent behavior of OnePowerGuard Pro should seal the deal. Intelligent switching from Wi-Fi to cellular data will massively improve battery life on the installed device, as will the ability for the system to intelligently shut down useless power-consuming processes. For more information on OnePowerGuard Pro, including compatible devices, download links and the extensive development process, check out the original XDA application thread.

(Source: XDA-Developers forum thread)

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