The 6 Best iPhone 5 Weather Apps You Should Try Right Now!

We all love a good and decent looking weather app on our phones here at Redmond Pie, and for that very reason we’ve decided to compile a list of our favorite ones which you can download and try on your iPhone right now.

At this point, the iOS App Store has enough weather apps to keep us all busy for the next few years. But, finding the right app which can replace Apple’s native offering on the iPhone is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. And we’re here to help!

weather apps for iPhone 5

Here’s a list of apps which we believe are a must-have on your iPhone:


iOS Screenshot 20130419-013508 01

Haze is a brilliant looking weather app for iOS. Apart from looking good, it does the job really well. It allows you to flick through three different screens by the use of swipe gestures, and every screen displays a different set of information. The first one displays information related to sunrise and sunset times, the second (and the center one) displays the temperature and the last one pertains to displaying humidity and other info. It also has built-in themes, hence the developer has made sure that the app doesn’t go stale after excess usage. For a price of $2.99, it might sound a little steep, but for what it offers, it’s 2 bucks well spent. Download this app from here.

Solar : Weather

iOS Screenshot 20130419-013639 11

Solar is one of my favorite apps, not just because it’s a clean looking app, but because it feels lightweight and looks great on that beautiful Retina display of the iPhone 5. It lets you swipe through different weather locations and displays the whole forecast in one screen. But that’s not all, swiping down from any screen brings up the forecast for the next three days, and swiping up gives you an hourly forecast. For a price of $1.99, it’s a great app to own and compliments the iPhone 5 really well. Download this app from here.

Weather Neue

iOS Screenshot 20130419-013635 10

If you want an app which is based around the notion of simplicity, then Weather Neue is the way to go. It simply detects your location and throws at you all the necessary numbers which you want to see pertaining to weather. It comes with a bunch of themes to suit your needs, and best of all; it comes with our favorite price tag; free.


iOS Screenshot 20130419-013607 07

Yet another simple app and is based heavily around gestures. It allows you to slip through different screens and settings using swipe and pinch gestures, and also comes with social sharing features. We have to say it; if you’re looking for an app which makes you feel like a wizard, this might just be it. For a price of just one dollar, it’s worth giving a shot. Download it from here.

Yahoo! Weather

iOS Screenshot 20130418-193219 03

A brand new addition to the iOS App Store, Yahoo! Weather for iOS is a slick looking app from all proportions. Not just because it offers a complete set of features, also because it offers a wide variety of weather info using a simple upward swipe gesture. For a price of absolutely free, it’s worth giving a shot. And trust me, this is one app which has really gotten me hooked!

Take Weather

iOS Screenshot 20130419-013532 04

If you like your weather app with a flair of social networking in it, then Take Weather is your best bet. Apart from displaying weather information, it allows the user to upload photos of locations which are then shared and can be seen by other users in the area. It’s a very neat concept and we dig it! It’s absolutely free to try and we recommend taking it for a spin.

These are our favorite apps. What are yours? Drop your recommendations in the comments section below.

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