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Apple’s iPhone X ended 2017 as one of the hottest smartphones of the year and has carried that mantle across into 2018. Now, one of the hottest accessory manufacturers in the business, ZeroLemon, is offering a limited-time discount on its 4,000mAh iPhone X battery case. If you are an iPhone X owner, then this one is not to be missed.

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The ownership of a high-end smartphone comes at an equally high price, and I’m not just alluding to the dollars in your bank account. Thanks largely to all the of the great hardware packed into the modern handset, the battery is now more strained than it has ever been, and although the vast majority of devices can manage a day at the office without seizing up, it mightn’t allow you to play any Infinity Blade on the train journey home. As such, many of us get out there and hunt for a decent battery case to provide that extra lifeline, and although there are some really solid efforts out there, the ZeroLemon pack for the Samsung Galaxy S III easily offers the very best value for money, and by best, we mean the very best. Learn more about this handy accessory right after the jump.

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