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The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may still be in relative infancy given the life cycles of previous-gen machines, but in this fast-moving culture of technology, folks are always looking ahead to what’s next. While it will be a number of years before the respective successors of these two consoles manifest, though, the wait mightn’t be as long as we suspected and in fact, work has perhaps already started on the PlayStation 5 and what will likely be referred to as the Xbox Two.

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We already heard earlier from Sony’s UK chief that the PlayStation 4 will probably not enjoy the kind of longevity of its 7-year-old predecessor, with Fergal Gara noting that the changing ways in which consumers are accessing games and gaming services will dramatically shorten cycles . This is contrary to Microsoft, which believes the Xbox One will last out a decade, but EA Studios executive VP Patrick Söderlund has waded into the argument by suggesting that he expects both the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to remain flagship for five to six years.

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