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Steve Wozniak, known to most simply as “Woz” was part of the original Apple team alongside Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, and although the Cupertino co-founder prefers to spend his days enjoying all forms of technology, giving seminars and following philanthropic ventures, it was always written that he’d return to the Apple fold in one way or another. While he won’t, of course, be chipping in on how to move forward with iOS, or mulling over the hardware implementations of the next MacBook, he will be gracing the App Store next week as a character in a shoot-’em-up title for the iPhone. Sound interesting? More after the jump!

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Sony’s biopic of Steve Jobs’ life is at production stage, and although some details have yet to be confirmed, it has been revealed that the movie will be written by Aaron Sorkin, and will benefit from the insight of Apple co-founder-turned-Lumia-fanboy Steve Wozniak, often referred to simply as “Woz”. The guy who started Apple along with Jobs in a garage some 35 years ago, he would seem as apt a figure as any to offer guidance to Sorkin, who himself does his suitability stripes no harm with the likes of The Social Network to his name.

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