Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Hired To Work On Sony’s Steve Jobs Biopic

Sony’s biopic of Steve Jobs’ life is at production stage, and although some details have yet to be confirmed, it has been revealed that the movie will be written by Aaron Sorkin, and will benefit from the insight of Apple co-founder-turned-Lumia-fanboy Steve Wozniak, often referred to simply as "Woz". The guy who started Apple along with Jobs in a garage some 35 years ago, he would seem as apt a figure as any to offer guidance to Sorkin, who himself does his suitability stripes no harm with the likes of The Social Network to his name.

This report comes straight from Reuters, and whilst there’s also another motion picture in the making set to star Ashton Kutcher, Sorkin’s knack for dramatizing the tech world would certainly render this version to be the real deal – at least among tech enthusiasts such as us. As well as his knowledge of the inner workings of Steve Jobs, Woz has also been enlisted for his knowledge of "technical aspects of computers", which will presumably equate to authentic, accurate information regarding the early Macintosh computers and other mischievous endeavors the pair partook in.

Steve Woz

As well as the critically-acclaimed Social Network, which told the story of how Facebook came to be the force it is today, Sorkin has penned a sleuth of movies and TV shows, and will likely relish the opportunity to cover yet another significant chunk of the technology industry’s showreel. Having said that, his word aren’t exactly bursting with enthusiasm, given that he admits to knowing precious little about what he plans to write.

Nonetheless, he has said it wouldn’t be a straight-up life story, since he doesn’t want it to follow, as he puts it, the biographical "cradle-to-grave structure." He’s going to source a point where he can create drama in order to give the Steve Jobs flick an edgy overtone, and given the riveting and engrossing nature of The Social Network, we’re inclined to take his word for it.

While Woz isn’t particularly involved with Apple at this point in time, his insight will be a critical element to where this movie goes, and although it’s way too early to be casting assumptions, I do believe this will be the moving, intriguing story we were looking for – but didn’t perhaps get – with the Walter Isaacson biography.


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