Here’s Ashton Kutcher Dressed Up As Steve Jobs For The Upcoming Movie [PHOTOS]

New photos of Ashton Kutcher have shown the actor walking the streets dressed entirely as the man he will be playing in an upcoming movie. That man is Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO and co-founder who died last year.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Ashton Kutcher will certainly bring a little glamour to the role of Steve Jobs, as if it was needed.

While the debate over the man-boy’s casting as Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie about the man is still raging, some photos shared by gossip blog TMZ show that the guy certainly looks the part.

Taken while Kutcher was apparently on his way to filming, the photos show the actor wearing what turned into Steve Jobs’ uniform of a black turtleneck sweater and blue denim jeans. If you ever saw the Apple co-founder donning anything other than those two items of clothing, then you were either extremely lucky, or present in the 90s.

Known for his technology entrepreneurship as well as his acting, Ashton Kutcher is playing Steve Jobs in one of the two movies that are currently being worked on. The other, being put together by Sony, follows Jobs life based on the recently released book by Walter Isaacson. A biography that was officially sanctioned by Steve Jobs himself, the book revealed things that not even Jobs’ closest allies will have been privy to at the time, and promises to make for an interesting watch and read, indeed.

A previous film to follow the life of Steve Jobs, Pirates of Silicon Valley, has become something of a cult classic for fans of both Apple and technology as a whole. Following the founding and subsequent building of both Apple and Microsoft, the film closes with Bill Gates and his Microsoft company effectively saving Apple. Many were hoping that a sequel would not be filmed, but there has yet to be news as to whether that is a possibility, or not.

The official name for the movie that Kutcher is working on has yet to be announced, but the title being used currently is simply ‘Steve Jobs: Get Inspired.’ We suspect that will change before release.

If you have a better name for the movie, why not tell us via the mediums below?

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