Steve Jobs ‘Worked Closely’ On The Next iPhone’s Design, Will Feature 4-inch Display, Says Report

Five months before Apple is expected to bring the next iPhone to market, rumors are  already swirling like a tornado waiting to rip out the hearts of fanboys the world over. We’ve had plenty of claims and counter claims already, and that shows no sign of changing before an Apple executive puts foot to stage in order to announce just what the next iPhone will be like.

While everyone is in complete disagreement about what Apple will offer to its fans this time around, new reports suggest that whatever we do get was the smartphone that Steve Jobs wanted to release, before his death last October.

The report, from Bloomberg, does not go into specifics and certainly does not confirm what the iPhone itself will look like, nor what features it will possess.What it does do, though, is claim claim that Jobs was working closely with the iPhone team in order to decide what will or will not make it into the final, shipping product. After recent reports that those final decisions have yet to be made, even at this time, we are not sure how this particular report fits in.


Claims so far have suggested that the iPhone 5, or whatever Apple finally decides to call it, will feature an all-new 4-inch screen, bringing the handset more in-line with what Android phone makers have been doing over the last couple of years. With Android phones now touching 5-inches, the iPhone’s 3.5-inch display is beginning to feel a little cramped.

We have covered the possibility of a new, larger iPhone of late, and there are two very distinct camps that disagree over the subject. Some are convinced that Apple needs to increase the size of the iPhone’s screen in order to compete with the larger Android devices, while others believe the changing the screen size will have an affect on the way apps are displayed, depending on the resolution that is chosen by Apple’s engineers.

All we really know at this point, is that barring any massive leak from one of Apple’s suppliers, it is safe to say that we probably won’t know what is really going on with the next iPhone until Apple wants us to know.

Just a few months to wait, then.

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