Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak To Star In iOS Gaming Title, Releasing Next Week

Steve Wozniak, known to most simply as “Woz” was part of the original Apple team alongside Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, and although the Cupertino co-founder prefers to spend his days enjoying all forms of technology, giving seminars and following philanthropic ventures, it was always written that he’d return to the Apple fold in one way or another. While he won’t, of course, be chipping in on how to move forward with iOS, or mulling over the hardware implementations of the next MacBook, he will be gracing the App Store next week as a character in a shoot-’em-up title for the iPhone. Sound interesting? More after the jump!

I can think of few games that could measure up to one entitled “Danny Trejo’s Vengeance: Woz with a Coz” in terms of general intrigue, and as the name implies, both Trejo and Woz will work as a double-act in order to fend off the continual onslaught of baddies. The 8-bit title will release by November 22nd, and although it’s only there to serve as a promotional offering to Danny Trejo’s forthcoming “Vengeance” flick, we’d still have to admit we’re a tad bit excited.

The movie will arrive in 2013, and although the game features other well-known individuals like MMA fighter Rashad Evans and musician Baby Bash, we’d have to pick the Mighty Woz every day of the week.

As you’d expect, its pretty simple to play, and the plot is entertainingly innocuous. In a nutshell, Woz and his wife – referred to as “J-Woz” – are sitting down to a relaxed evening, but when J-Woz is kidnapped by the local riff-raff, Woz and Trejo are called up for duty. Together, they have to combat a deluge of bad guys before ultimately rescuing J-Woz.


One has to wonder how anybody would dream up such a sequence events but, suffice to say, it actually makes us want to play it even more. It could land anytime between now and the 22nd, so we’ll keep you in the loop and let you know when it does drop.

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(via Cnet)

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