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Windows Threshold, also known as Windows 9 (or at least that’s what we expect it to be called once it becomes publicly available), has been in the news quite often lately, and for good reason. It’s been long rumored that Windows Threshold will see a public preview release late this year, and now it seems that this would be as early as late September this year. Apparently, the software giant is hard at work to push the next iteration of Windows out its Threshold (pun intended).

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When Windows 8 was just starting to make waves, one of the things that caught many people off guard was the fact that the Start button was gone. Not hidden, not moved, but removed completely. With Windows 8’s move to Metro as an app launcher, there was deemed to be no need for a Start button. The Internet, nay the world disagreed.

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The days of Microsoft releasing one new version of its Windows OS every few years are long gone. With the introduction of mobile devices into the frame – albeit somewhat belatedly – the Redmond, Washington outfit has moved to an annual release cycle akin to Apple. With Windows 8.1 following last year’s drop of Windows 8, we haven’t really heard a great deal about what’s coming up next, however, Mary Jo Foley – renowned for leaking information about Microsoft – has come through with the news that the forthcoming edition of the famed desktop / tablet platform is codenamed ‘Threshold’.

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