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A report alleges the new Apple TV, to be announced on September 9, will come packed with a remote that supports motion-based control suitable for casual gaming.

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Nintendo’s flagship gaming console, the aging Nintendo Wii, is due for an upgrade really soon, and a big one at that. The replacement, named “Wii U”, announced at E3 today, delivers features that will significantly change the gaming experience for users, including high-definition video, finally.

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October figures from the NPD group states that the Xbox 360 has been the best selling console in the U.S. for the fifth month straight, with an impressive 325,000 units sold, compared to the PlayStation 3’s 250,000 and the Nintendo Wii’s 232,000. Microsoft boasts total sales of 3.5 million units to date having been the only console to sell more units each successive year.

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Walmart Wii Special Deal

By | December 5th, 2009

Last week was full of attractive deals and discounts on account of Black Friday and Cyber Monday when most of you must have taken full advantage of all those great deals which were on offer. For those who missed out will be glad to know that Walmart is now offering pretty nice and attractive deal on Nintendo Wii game console starting December 5. Nintendo Wii is currently available for a retail price of $199, but Walmart is offering it with a special $50 free gift card which reduces the price to $149.

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