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The habitants of the Planet Earth and especially the NASA scientists, were indeed highly delighted by discovering the presence of water on its satellite planet Moon. Earlier in our post, we have given a detailed overview of this mission. Google, as we had already explained in our earlier posts, is known for celebrating important events and personalities in its own peculiar way by changing its doodle on the homepage to represent that particular day or event in such a way that it truly reflects and confirms to the occasion. Today, Google has changed its logo globally, with a space-inspired doodle, to mark the discovery of water on Moon which, is an essential for life to go on.

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA in Jun 09, launched a lunar satellite into orbit, which was to fire a rocket booster at 5,600 MPH velocity into a Moon crater near the Southern Pole of the moon, to cause a six-mile-high explosion with the hope to find water on the Moon. NASA scientists were eager to see LCROSS (Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite) launching a Centaur rocket into the moon to cause a big blast in the crater. The massive explosion kick up 350 metric tons of debris, letting the trailing satellite cameras analyze the mess for signs of water. Scientists scouring the surface of Earth’s satellite to search for a precious resource called “Water”. The satellite due some reasons could not be scheduled to reach the moon until October 8.

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