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Watch Dogs was one of the games that everyone latched onto when the next generation of game consoles were announced, and with good reason – it looked awesome. Now that the game is upon us, Ubisoft has released a companion app for iOS and Android that aims to make gamers feel part of the universe, even if they don’t actually own a copy of Watch Dogs.

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With the imminent release of Titanfall, it’s rather easy to forget that, in actual fact, there are some other pretty big titles hitting the gaming world in 2014. With two brand new consoles on the scene in the form of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, developers and publishers are doing their utmost to prepare us for some marquee releases, and Watch Dogs, which has just become available to pre-order, will hit shelves on May 27th. Further details, as well as the official trailer accompanying the announcement, can be seen below.

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