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It may have only been a number of days since Apex Dev Team launched Velox for iPhone tweak into the jailbreak world, but it seems that it has already been accepted as one of the best and popular tweaks we have seen in a long while. Adding swipe gestures onto native app icons with the intention of bringing additional functionality into a folder window is obviously an extremely good idea. So good in fact that it has already started inspiring developers to build add-ons for Velox which offers functionality that doesn’t exist with a standard installation of the tweak.

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Every now and then a new app or tweak comes along that can genuinely be thought of as a game changer. Tweaks like Zephyr and Auxo have changed the way users interact with their hardware and it seems that it’s now the turn of Apex Dev Team to grab some praise with the official release of the highly anticipated Velox that breathes new life into app icons on the home screen.

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