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With the jailbreak community once again reveling in delight after the release of the latest jailbreak that provides an untethered experience across the board on iOS 5.1.1, the expectant update and release of the iPhone Dev Team’s software-based Ultrasn0w unlock has finally come to fruition. For a lot of users, being jailbroken is only half the battle, with the ultimate goal being able to unlock their iPhone for use on all networks.

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With Apple pushing out the latest version of iOS, taking the current release to 5.1.1, users are once again split right down the middle, thinking whether or not they should update to the latest firmware. On one side of the fence are the everyday users who use their iPhone without any modifications, but on the other side are the jailbreakers and unlockers who are always understandably hesitant when the update notifications come through.

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