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Previously, we gave you an in-depth step by step tutorial on how to turn your iPod touch into an iPhone, and then later how to turn your iPhone into an iPad (or iPad Nano). And now, Truphone has come out with an app which can turn your iPad into an iPhone so that you can make calls with it over a WiFi or 3G network.

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Apple iPad, which was announced earlier this week received a mixed reaction from all over the world. Some found it as an oversized iPod touch, while others thought that it has the potential to redefine the way we will use our computers in the future. In a nutshell, iPad is indeed an oversized iPod touch/iPhone except for iBooks Store and iWorks Suite of apps.

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Ever wondered how could you use your iPod Touch as a iPhone to make phone calls? iPhone and iPod Touch are almost exactly the same kind of devices except for one major difference and that is that iPhone can be used to make phone calls while iPod Touch cant. The following step by step guide will help you in using your iPod Touch as a fully-featured VoIP phone without spending a dime!

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