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When it comes to gaming on mobile devices, there are now simply hundreds of thousands of options, and whether you like casual titles like Tiny Wings, or something more high-end such as Infinity Blade, both the App Store and Google’s Play Store are like treasure troves packed to the gills with new and exciting content. Transport Tycoon is a fairly eagerly awaited title for the main two ecosystems, and if the thought of building up your own transportation empire really takes your fancy, then you’ll be stoked to learn that it is now available to download for both iOS and Android. Details, as well as those download links, can be found right after the leap!

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We all love a remake of an old classic title, and thanks to the accessibility and popularity of the likes of the App Store and Google Play Store, developers have a suitable medium for reworking and distributing those games that really push our nostalgic buttons. We’ve seen the remakes of GTA III and Vice City; we’ve got our SEGA fix with the likes of Sonic CD, and now another old favorite – Transport Tycoon – is to make a sensational comeback on Apple’s iOS App Store and Google’s Play Store in the near future. Details can be found after the leap!

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