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What started out as a Kickstarter project aiming to raise $10,000 has now made it out of the nearly-a-reality pile and into the iPad App Store. The team behind the creation of the Taposé app were inspired by Microsoft’s 2008/2009 Courier journal concept and wanted to recreate the discussed features for the iPad and possibly other tablets through the creation of a dedicated app. After four months, three Apple rejections, a successful appeal, a revoked appeal, a UI review and then a final App Store review, Apple approved the Taposé app for general sale.

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We’re sure everyone remembers the Microsoft Courier, the much-anticipated though ultimately cancelled dual-screen tablet. The idea was an intriguing one – two screens and an operating system that utilized both pen and gesture inputs. It was funky, but Microsoft said they could never put it into production and a little bit of every geek on the planet died along with it. If only our iPads could recreate some of that magic.

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