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Here’s how to enter Substrate Safe Mode on iOS 10.2 to fix issues after jailbreak on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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Saurik has just released Substrate Safe Mode version 0.9.6000 on Cydia for jailbroken devices. This new version of Substrate Safe Mode not only adds support for iOS 10.0.x-10.2 jailbreak, but also makes jailbroken devices safer to operate than before.

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Saurik, or Jay Freeman to his friends, is the man behind not just Cydia but many of the inner workings of the iOS jailbreak scene. He’s also the guy that brought WinterBoard to the world, the most popular iOS theming platform on jailbroken iOS devices. He’s also an all-round awesome and super clever guy, which is why this next news doesn’t surprise us that much.

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