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It’s pretty much common knowledge by now that Apple integrated native game controller support with the launch of iOS 7 last year. The officially introduced APIs in the iOS 7 SDK make it relatively easy for game developers to allow their offerings to be interacted with via a hardware controller that conforms to Apple’s blueprints. However, the initial wave of controllers have proven to be quite expensive, prohibitively so in some cases, meaning that not a lot of users are taking the plunge and parting with upwards of $99 to play a $0.99 game. Thankfully the jailbreak community has come to the rescue once again with the release of Controllers for All, a tweak that allows PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 controllers to be used in conjunction with these MFi Game Controller iOS 7 games.

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Casual gaming has taken off to be one of the biggest things that nobody thought would ever happen. Gone are the days where the only video game you could play had to be in front of a TV, connected to a system with zero portability. Mobile games are one of the driving forces for procrastination, but let’s face it, most mobile games suck for actual gaming. Touch-screen devices are perfect for one-touch controlled puzzlers such as Temple Run, or Angry Birds, but don’t perform as well when an analogue axis and buttons are slapped onto the screen.

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