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Sony today announced the free PS4 games that will be made available to PS Plus members in March. These include Shadow of Colossus and Sonic Forces as well as a special bonus.

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Sony today announced the PS4 games to be made free for PS Plus subscribers in November 2019. Come November 5, subscribers will be able to download and play these two games for no charge.

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It’s always nice to get something for free in life, and while Xbox 360 users had to pony up a subscription free for the privilege of using Xbox LIVE, those on the PS3 enjoyed the PlayStation Network’s online multiplayer infrastructure free of charge. But while Sony has since switched things up with the PlayStation 4’s paid, PS Plus service, one savvy user has found a little loophole that effectively lets you use it for free, extending the 14-day PS Plus trial by a seemingly infinite length of time.

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