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Living in a world where our smartphones are the center of our lives may not be too far away, but being able to place it on a table and have it start doing all kinds of magical things wasn’t on our list of wants for that utopian future. At least, it wasn’t until Pizza Hut got in on the act.

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In what must go down as a real coup for all couch potatoes, an official Pizza Hut app has just landed for the Xbox 360. What it means is, aside from nipping off to the bathroom, you won’t actually need to leave your armchair for the entire weekend, provided it’s one of those recliner chairs that allow you to quickly morph into a sleeping position. Notice how I didn’t mention taking a shower? Let’s just say, I have seen gamers on a binge, and aside from seldom being a pretty sight, the accompanying smells within a gamer’s lair often do leave much to be desired.

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