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Apple is undeniably a premium brand, and as such, its retail revolution has always been about positioning itself in premium locations around the world. That strategy can be evidenced in locations such as the company’s Fifth Avenue New York store, as well as the relatively new Dubai location situated in a prime spot within The Mall of Emirates. A new report is now suggesting that Apple is going for the same type of premium location in France by going for a twelve year lease on an entire building in Paris’ prestigious Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

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Making a major departure from its usual design, Apple today inaugurated its all new Paris Opera Store. This store is situated just across the street, from the iconic Opera House in the romantic city of Paris, France. Named as Apple Opera Store, the design is a radical departure from the usual Apple Stores that you might have seen around the world. Moved by the romantic architectural beauty and culture of Paris, this new Apple Store does not include any of the usual architectural features of Apple’s previous stores that you might have seen.

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