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Well they say that there is an app for just about everything, and now there is one for even the iPhone itself. The “iPhone in iPhone” augmented reality app is basically a promotional app developed by Ogmento – a company which is currently focused on developing mobile augmented reality games and apps. The said company is home to popular augmented reality apps like ‘Put a spell’ and ‘Pengun books’ etc.

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In an interview held today, A representative of O2 UK has revealed that O2 will allow its customers to unlock their iPhone’s once other carriers starts offering them. Since Orange will start offering iPhone 3GS from tomorrow, its pretty clear that starting on 10th November i.e. tomorrow, O2 will allow its users to unlock their iPhone’s so that they can use it with any carrier. However the customers will have to abide by their existing contract with O2 if any.

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Apple today has announced that iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is going to be released by Orange in UK, thus ending the anticipated speculation of O2 exclusivity in this regard. Its a great news for all those who were reluctant to switch over to O2 just to get the iPhone.

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