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Unlock Nexus One Bootloader

By | January 7th, 2010

We informed you about the Google Nexus One when it was rooted even before the official launch. This was possible because of the engineering bootloader which was shipped with pre-release Nexus One devices. The retail devices have locked bootloaders but Paul at Modaco forums has managed to unlock it so that you can root your retail Nexus One for full file system access on Android 2.1.

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More details have emerged regarding the upcoming Google Nexus One, and this time they are about the accessories of the said phone. Engadget has the latest scoop on the desktop dock for Nexus One which is said to have been cleared by FCC. The dock includes Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR module which is quite strange, given that the leaked specs of Nexus One already shows it being capable of it.

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After two weeks of all the drama, we finally have got a hands-on video walkthrough of the Google Nexus One phone. The video, which is of five minutes in length walks you through the Android 2.1 experience on the upcoming Google Nexus One phone. Everything from widgets on the multiple home screens, to the new Android Market, to the improved web browsing experience and Youtube app has been demonstrated for your viewing pleasure.

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