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The Best Smartphones Of 2015

By | December 26th, 2015

Here is our own, entirely subjective view of the top best smartphones of the year 2015 and the categories that they fall into. This year sees some lesser-performing companies sneak into our list alongside big players the likes of Apple and Samsung.

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If you’re planning on dropping some money on a brand new smartphone during this festive holiday season, then you may want to check out this deal. Fully unlocked 32GB Moto X Pure Edition (also known as Moto X Style in some regions) is available today for $349.99 down from original price of $450. That’s an instant $100 saving on Motorola’s powerful, 2015 flagship Android smartphone. This deal is valid for today only.

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Motorola has just announced the 2015 Moto X Style and Moto X Play. Here are all the specs, price, release date and everything else you need to know about.

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