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Does that iPad Air just not cut it for you? Do you really, and we mean really need more power than an iPad can afford or simply need to use so-called real apps? Is money no object in the pursuit of something that Apple is unwilling to offer?

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Apple’s two major operating systems – OS X and iOS – each have their distinct advantages, and in an attempt to pick the fruits of the mobile, touch-friendly iOS, Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion included many features we’d become accustomed to on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. That’s great if you’ve always wanted iOS features at desktop level, but what about the other way around? Have you ever fired up your iPad and longed for the OS X Dock, Finder or a fully-featured Safari? Well thanks to the upcoming Modbook Pro which we’ve covered earlier, you’ll be allowed to enjoy all of Mountain Lion’s features right from your tablet.

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