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Everybody knew it was there, and many seemed sure of its main specs, but finally, Nokia has come through with an official announcement of the forthcoming Lumia 928. Although the device itself remains largely unchanged from the Lumia 920, this one will be arriving to the United States as an exclusive to Verizon – finally allowing those on the nation’s most subscribed-to network a chance of trying out a decent Windows Phone 8 handset.

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Nokia has sought to address the shortcomings and limitations of the Windows Phone platform by packing immensely good cameras into its high-end devices, and the fact that the Lumia 920’s snapper is still widely considered the best in the business is a testament to that fact. Nokia’s so-called ‘PureView’ technology with OIS is back for another round in the upcoming Lumia 928 handset, which looks a modest refresh on the current flagship, and to show you just how good the 928’s shooter is, Nokia has put together a little comparison video pitting the camera against that of the Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple’s iPhone 5 in low lighting conditions.

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