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The wait is almost over for Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, with the highly anticipated Galaxy S5 going on sale worldwide next month. The Galaxy S line of smartphones is almost a home run when it comes to sales, but the handsets aren’t always universally well reviewed by those who like to dig a little deeper than simple screen size or fancy software features. This year Samsung hopes to right that.

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Even though many experts have argued that the vast majority of the hardware within the latest smartphones represents overkill, the OEMs simply cannot resist packing new handsets to the gills with more powerful, cutting-edge technology. As geeks, we’re also rather taken in by an impressive list of specs, and with the hotly-anticipated Galaxy S5 on the horizon, LG has jumped the gun and announced its latest flagship G Pro 2. With a sizeable, uber-sharp display, blazingly fast processor and generally beefed-up interiors, the G Pro 2 is an absolute beast of the smartphone industry, and you can drool over the full details after the leap!

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