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Earlier this year, we caught a glimpse of the technologies of Leap Motion, one of a number of companies looking to take the world of gesture-based research by storm. One of the more intriguing insights we’ve had into how this kind of tech could significantly broaden the horizons in the gesture-filled landscape, Leap Motion offered a very enticing introductory video back in February illustrating how its peripheral could turn almost any computing setup into an effortless, three-dimensional realm of pinching and swiping elegance, enhancing the general user experience on all kinds of different levels. To whet the appetites further, Leap has come through with yet another video clip, and if you were somewhat unmoved by the initial demonstration clip, prepare to be wowed!

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Gestures based actions are becoming increasingly commonplace in the Digital Age in which we live, and although a trackpad here, or a touchscreen there tends to help the job move along seamlessly, hardware manufacturers are constantly looking at ways to test the boundaries. In light of the success of 3D gestures in products such as Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect peripheral, a string of start-ups and established companies have looked to apply that same motif to computers, and Leap Motion’s soon-to-be-released offering not only looks amazing, but at $80, is certainly priced at the kind of bracket most can agree with.

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