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Apple’s ‘iOS in the Car’ initiative has been one of Apple’s least publicized in a long while. First announced last year and then almost forgotten about immediately, it probably wouldn’t be unfair to put it in the same category as the likes of Ping for monumental failures. That doesn’t mean that Apple’s car integration angle for iOS is a bad idea, it just means that it’s taken considerably longer than we expected to see anything come to fruition.

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A week ago, app developer Steven Troughton-Smith revealed some interesting screenshots regarding the forthcoming iOS in the Car feature from Apple. Although it is unknown when exactly the grand roll out will commence, Troughton-Smith’s findings manifested through a beta build of iOS 7.1, and as such, we anticipate that the final version may well include the new automobile-friendly implementation. Since last week, the well-known dev has been digging into iOS 7.0.3 and discovered that certain features of iOS in the Car are already present (albeit hidden) deep within this release, and using the iOS Simulator, has posted a clip onto YouTube, offering – for the first time – a brief glimpse of the dash-tailored system in operation.

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It may have been somewhat forgotten in the big iOS 7 furore, but that doesn’t mean that ‘iOS in the car’ isn’t a real thing. In fact, Apple has had given the thing a place on its own website so it was always going to put in an appearance at some point. Some motoring companies like Acura, Honda and BMW have even said that they will be taking advantage of the feature, but things have been rather quiet of late, with little coming out of either Apple or its partners.

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