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Fans of innovative products and mobile gaming will probably be familiar with the original iControlPad hardware that connected to mobile phones, allowing the user to control their favorite games without having to fiddle with on-screen controls. The initial bit of kit connected to smartphones through Bluetooth and brought an extra fun element to mobile based gaming, but things have been taking a little step further with the company’s second iteration of the product that they are trying to get funding for via the Kickstarter platform.

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If there is one thing we like at Redmond Pie, it’s iOS gaming. We’re not sure if it’s the feel of that oleo-phobic screen in our sweaty hands, or the fact that iOS games fit just nicely with out goldfish-like attention spans, but we do love us an iPhone game. Or iPad, for that matter.

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When Apple released its iPod touch media player and all round mobile computer, the tagline of ‘the funnest iPod ever’ not only made any self-respecting grammar Nazi froth at the mouth, but also heralded a new approach to gaming for both Apple and the gaming industry.

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