iControlPad: Full-Blown Gaming Control Pad For iPhone And Android Goes On Sale At Last

If there is one thing we like at Redmond Pie, it’s iOS gaming. We’re not sure if it’s the feel of that oleo-phobic screen in our sweaty hands, or the fact that iOS games fit just nicely with out goldfish-like attention spans, but we do love us an iPhone game. Or iPad, for that matter.

That’s why we’re so giddy about getting our hands on the iControlPad, which going by the ridiculously long development cycle, we didn’t think would ever actually happen.

Sold by ThinkGeek, the iControlPad turns your iPhone into a proper control pad, perfect for those games where a touch screen just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. We’re thinking old school arcade classics and first-person shooters.

So what do you get for your $75? Well, there are two thumb sticks, a D-pad and the usual four face buttons. Think of a PS2 dual-shock controller without the shoulder buttons, and you’ll be on the right track.

The device connects to your iPhone via good old Bluetooth, and is powered by its very own internal battery pack.

Perhaps the best bit is the integration with real App Store apps, which means that you’ll be able to download a game from Apple’s online store and play it using the iControlPad – no need for jailbreaking or other hackery.

If jailbreaking is your particular bag though, you’re in luck. According to ThinkGeek, the iControlPad also supports all the usual emulators, making it a great accessory for those who like to play old fashioned arcade games assuming you’re all good and legal, of course!

Emulator software compatible with jailbroken iOS devices or Android/WebOS devices:

  • MD.emu
  • SNES9x EX
  • NES.emu
  • GBC.emu
  • PCE.emu (PC-Engine, Arcade like console)
  • NGP.emu (NeoGeo Pocket)
  • FPSE

Apple’s iPhone isn’t the only smartphone that is supported by the iControlPad. Users of handsets ranging from the BlackBerry Torch to both of Samsung’s Galaxy S handsets can also join in, along with those packing many other Android handsets. Owners of the iPod touch are not left out, either.

The iControlPad is in stock right now, perfect for those Christmas stockings. During the time of writing this post, we literally had to stop ourselves from ordering one at least three times, and we’re not done yet!

Go on, treat yourself. You know you want to!

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