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Apple TV may not be the all-singing assault on the television market as envisioned by the late Steve Jobs, but far from treating it like the “hobby” as once described by CEO Tim Cook, the Cupertino company is pressing ahead with updates. Today, Apple TV software 5.3 has been released for the second and third generation iterations of the little black set-top box, and now, users will be able to catch content from HBO and ESPN right from the Apple TV, negating the need for any kind of direct cable subscription. Details after the break!

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In the middle of all the current rumors, conjecture and speculation surrounding Apple hardware, it is perhaps the future of the company’s so-called hobby project that is managing to capture most of the immediate attention. The little black box has never been one of Apple’s highest revenue generating creations, but has been consistently improving on its sales figures, numbers that are only set to continue to rise amid speculation of a new smaller model being introduced and the potential of additional apps being introduced during the year.

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Microsoft has today released three new apps to add to its burgeoning collection of media-based apps for the Xbox 360 console. Microsoft may be in the middle of having to deflect questions about the replacement for its ageing Xbox 360, but the Redmond outfit clearly isn’t getting ready to put the world’s favorite home console out to pasture just yet.

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