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The regular readers among us may remember that it was only three weeks ago when we brought you the news about a United States-based programmer named Andrey Fedotov adding the finishing touches to his HackStore project for the Mac. The HackStore was built on the notion that it would offer a curated selection of apps and tweaks that wouldn’t otherwise be available from one resource due to Apple’s reluctance to let developers submit certain things to the Mac App Store.

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Remember those murmurings about the possibility of the Mac getting a Cydia-like store? Well, considering the amount of time that has passed with no further updates about the legitimacy of the project, it would seem that we can put that idea in the ‘nice but isn’t likely to happen’ pile. With that said, all hope should not be lost, especially if the release of the OS X HackStore in the next few months turns out to be a reality.

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