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In light of the recent relaxed App Store restrictions, Apple has started allowing previously unallowed apps into their App Store. The biggest beneficiaries of the relaxed restrictions were Google Voice apps which weren’t allowed before (since they duplicated features that iPhone comes with). We posted about two such apps: GV Connect and GV Mobile+. Both cost a very reasonable $2.99. But today, we have received information that GV Mobile+ is available for free just for today!

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Competition is good. Real good. Android’s ‘openness’ and mighty sales seems to have finally effected the way Apple handles the App Store. The recently announced relaxed App Store restrictions and App Review Guidelines are now in action, readers!

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As we all know, Google Voice client app is currently not available for non-jailbroken iPhone users. Both GV Mobile and Voice Central clients for Google Voice were available earlier for a short period, but then they were soon removed by Apple from the App Store due to “duplicating features that the iPhone comes with (Dialer, SMS, etc)”. Later, the developer Sean Kovacs brought GV Mobile to Cydia. Consequently, it is now available for jailbroken iPhone users (with GV accounts) for free.

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