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Even before the iPhone 5s went on sale, we were hearing rumors about extremely limited supply. It even transpired that the country with the beautiful Gold Coast wouldn’t have any stock whatsoever of the Gold iPhone 5s. The limited availability of the new gold tinted hardware has meant that prices on secondary sales site eBay have risen past the $1800 mark.

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Let’s immediately jump into the basics of Apple’s new iPhone 5s and set the tone. Apple consistently tells us that each new iPhone release is the “best iPhone yet”. So, is this latest iteration of the device the best version that we have seen, or is it nothing more than a money-making spin on the sixth-generation iPhone 5? The rest of this post will offer my subjective opinion on the Gold iPhone 5s, after spending a couple of days using and interacting with everything it offers. There’ll also be plenty of pictures to show off just how beautiful it is.

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