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Most companies, when having just released a flagship device, then seem to rest on their laurels, advertising heavily before, hopefully, revealing strong sales reports. While Samsung has followed the usual script to a degree, the company is certainly not sitting around and basking in self-congratulation, rather busily announcing and releasing several spin-off devices from its immensely popular Galaxy S4. As well as the ruggedized Galaxy S4 Active and scaled-down Galaxy S4 mini, the South Korean consumer electronics giant has also been working on a model to suit the growing number of point-and-shot fanatics, and today, it has officially revealed the specs of the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

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Having just released the Galaxy S4, you might have forgiven Samsung for resting on its laurels, but the South Korean electronics manufacturer is already reportedly preparing a number of spin-off devices. As well as a ruggedized model and a miniature version akin to the Galaxy S III mini, a recent report also alluded to a camera-centric Galaxy S4 Zoom, and today, we’re hearing that the device will live up to its name by packing in an incredible 10x optical zoom.

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