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There’s been a significant amount of speculation whether or not Samsung is on the verge of announcing a device with a curved display. We’ve been treated to leaked information from internal sources as well as the odd sneak previews of the device for good measure, but now we have official word that the smartphone does indeed exist. Samsung themselves have announced that the Galaxy Round is in production and will be released almost immediately in Korea.

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It’s becoming a very common occurrence that prominent revealer of tech goodies Evleaks keeps coming up with legit shots of new devices before they’re launched, and with the blogosphere abuzz pertaining Samsung’s curved “Galaxy Round” device, that same Twitter handle has come through with the first renders of the elusive device. Set to become the first smartphone with a flexible panel, it will not only be more comfortable when held beside the face for calls, but gaming and watching video clips should also be enhanced. More details, as well as those renders, can be seen after the jump.

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Over the past couple of years, many suggestions have been made that smartphones and tablets, as well as other digital devices, will begin to take advantage of flexible display technology. Yet while the concepts and such have been aplenty, we’ve yet to see a smartphone rocking a flexible display, but for those sufficiently intrigued, you won’t have to wait much longer to see one. Samsung, as it does so often, is first to the draw, and its 5.7-inch Galaxy Round is said to feature a flexible panel around the edges, something which was confirmed by a Samsung executive at the end of last month.

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