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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, the new king on the throne that was crowned just last month when the device became available worldwide, brings a lot of improvements and enhancements over the former champion, the Note 2, in terms of software and features. Hardware was different, too, agreed, but it was mainly the software improvements that set the two devices apart, or, to put more appropriately, would make you cough up dough to get your hands on Note 3 instead of Note 2.

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Changing hidden settings is a concept that is bound to attract any techie, no matter how mundane the settings might actually be. That’s because the basic idea of playing around with something that’s otherwise inaccessible is catchy to the geeky mind, and the challenge that it poses is sure to intrigue. For smartphones and tablets, this applies even more, because these are devices that we almost invariably use on a daily basis, and like to carry with us at all times.

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