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Wherever a new technology or product is emerging, you can bet that Samsung isn’t too far behind, and in-keeping with the company’s tradition of building something for every single corner of the digital market, a new patent filing indicates that the Korean outfit is prepping a competitor to Google Glass. Unlike its Mountain View-based rival’s ongoing development in this field, the patent suggests that it will be mounted on only one side of the face, although in terms of functionality, it seems as though it will operate in a very similar manner to the Big G’s face computer.

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Samsung’s product range is ubiquitous, and when it comes to the mobile industry, the South Korean outfit has proven time and again that it is unafraid to experiment and, if necessary, hit every corner of every market going. The sheer number of smartphones it currently has on sale only underlines this point, but with the phablet market locked down with the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Gear ensuring a smartwatch entry, the company may now be turning its attentions to Google’s Glass. As The Korea Times Reports, Samsung is apparently prepping its own flavor of face computer, and all could be revealed as soon as IFA in September.

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