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Remember the Amazon Fire Phone that started out with a lot of flair and hype surrounding it? Clearly that didn’t last too long, and with the phone being a major flop on the market, Amazon is selling the $449 device for a mere $199 off-contract and fully unlocked right now. Head on over the jump for further details.

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Here’s a list of the top 3 super flop technology gadgets released in the year 2014. More details and complete list can be found after the jump.

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The annual Pwn2Own competition, held at the PacSec conference in Tokyo, is now under way. The challenge, for those willing to undertake it, is to bypass security measures and exploit a device’s sandbox, with significant monetary gains to be made for the most complex, highly-rated hacks. We may only be at day one, but thus far, Pwn2Own has been an unqualified success for our hackers, with some of the most popular devices in the mobile industry having already been pwned.

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