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Apple’s iOS includes a wide range of stock apps to help users get through their digital day, and many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users swear by the likes of the Calendar and Reminders apps. But despite the native utilities doing the job for a large portion of iDevice owners, third-party offerings have still continued to thrive, and one such app — Fantastical — has been downloaded many thousands of times thanks to its slick user interface and well thought-out features. Today, maker Flexibits has come through with the sequel to the popular first release, and as you might expect, Fantastical 2 is packed to the gills with great features and general improvements.

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We live in a fast-paced, technologically advanced world at the moment and unfortunately for us – or fortunately depending on how you look at things – we always have some task to complete or some chore to run. A large number of people employ the services of productivity based applications that they run on their mobile device to make sure they keep to their commitments and deadlines and others like me just have a list of things to do and when it’s done it’s done. Thankfully, calendars are generally something that we can all beat our drums to and they don’t really come any better than Fantastical creation by Flexibits.

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