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Facebook is testing a new feature within its Messenger instant messaging service that gives its users the opportunity to “react” to incoming messages, including the first time a Dislike option has appeared on any of Facebook’s services.

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Here’s how you can replace Facebook’s boring Reactions emoji for something more eye catching, like Donald Trump pulling an array of strange faces, or perhaps something a little more Pokemon related.

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The world’s largest social network Facebook has confirmed that a new feature called “Reactions” is officially being put through test in order to see how users interact with it. Users of Facebook have long wanted a “Dislike” button to be made available on the social network. After all, it seems a little unfair that you can “Like” a post, status update, photo, or comment, but you have no real way of showing dissatisfaction. Rather than integrating a “Dislike” button, Mark Zuckerberg has opted for a more dynamic feature that provides additional options to the end-user.

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