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Anyone who is a regular jailbreaker of any of their iOS devices will ultimately have a set of must-have tweaks and installations which always manage to make it onto their device as soon as a new jailbreak is released for iOS. Sometimes those packages are installed because they offer something fun and and at times it is because they genuinely make using Apple’s mobile operating system a lot better. Those packages that fall under the category of the latter generally tend to have a much longer shelf life than other offerings in Cydia, well, until Apple natively implements them that is.

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Being an iOS user, if you want to have the best possible mobile experience, it may cause you a little concern to know that Android users have access to a number of handy little widgets which they can place at random locations on their device’s multiple home screens. If you have found yourself suffering from such a jealous curse, then worry not as a new tweak named Dashboard X will alleviate some of that pain.

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