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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie are live right now from D: All Things Digital Conference (aka D8 Conference). It will be interesting to see how the two top executives of Microsoft answer all the questions related to ongoing fierce competition from the likes of Apple in consumer space, and from Google in web and enterprise space.

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If you were not lucky enough to have been at D: All Things Digital Conference (aka D8 Conference) and missed out on the live updates from the official blog, here is a short summary video, along with complete transcript to catch up on all the bits that happened during Jobs’ interview on stage.

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It’s been quite a while since we last saw Steve Jobs’ getting interviewed around. Looks like our prayers will be answered today at the D: All Things Digital Conference (aka D8 Conference) where Steve Jobs will be there to share his thoughts and views on all things related to Apple Inc. Interestingly, this interview comes at a time when Apple has crossed archrival Microsoft as the biggest technology company in the United States.

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