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There are a number of reasons why developers and end-users alike would want to take an image of what’s on their display, but while screenshots can be useful in certain scenarios they are also very limited. The latest Android KitKat SDK has introduced a way for developers to easily record what’s on the device’s display, but how easy is it for that functionality to feed back to users? Thanks to CyanogenMod 11 and the new screencasting app it’s actually very extremely easy – if you meet certain criteria that is.

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The CyanogenMod team rarely slacks, but even by their standards, it has been a really busy past couple of weeks. Not too hectic, however, to have any major effect on the schedule it would seem, for CyanogenMod M1 has just been released, supporting most Nexus devices in the process. As we learned earlier on in the week, CyanogenMod 10.2 would be the last version supporting those old Android Jelly Bean ROMs, and in a matter of just 72 hours, the “Milestone 1” release of the Android 4.4 KitKat-based version 11 is upon us.

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