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While all of the main social networks have a fine selection of third-party apps proclaiming to enhance the user experience, the number of alternative Twitter apps is arguably the most thriving, with a vast collection available for those dissatisfied with the official offering. Carbon for Twitter, originally released for Windows Phone last year, has finally arrived on Android courtesy of dots & lines, and it offers an intuitive, clean interface which tries to keep all the relevant info in one, easy-to-digest window. One issue – if you can label it as such – with the current fleet of Twitter apps, is the fact that segments of Twitter tend to be separated, but with Carbon, all of your Timelines, Lists, Favorites and whatnot are on display from the main window, which is polished with beautiful, dark elements.

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I’ve lately been writing a lot about data backup solutions. Of course, they’re extremely important, since that’s necessary to protect your data and secure your personal information. No matter what platform or device you’re using, there are always backup applications and solutions available that would help you achieve the said purposes. Android, just like the rest, has no shortage of such apps, some of which are advanced enough to perform backups at the very basic level, copying complete partition images of your device to a safe location for future recoveries (nandroid backups, anyone?). Even just yesterday, we brought to you a backup solution that could save everything to a desktop PC – both Windows and Linux – without requiring root access, unlike the most famous backup tools.

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