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Even though we presumed that all of the avenues for a popular IM app had already been explored, the guys at Snapchat had other ideas, and over the past couple of years, particularly among the younger, college-age generations, it has continued to thrive. With Facebook having already made the purchase of Instagram and, more recently, WhatsApp, it’s clear that Mark Zuckerberg and his social company wants to flex its considerable clout in this industry and go head-to-head with a new app by the name of Bolt.

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The London 2012 Olympics have officially been brought to an end, and after fifteen days of non-stop games and athletes from all over the world competing against each other in various sports, we all have our own favorite memory from the games. Even though the Olympics contain a wide range of sports – historically speaking – it is always the short athletic events that manage to raise the pulses of those who are sitting in the stadium or watching the event from the outside on the television. Over the years, we have seen some phenomenal athletes competing in the 100 and 200m sprints including Linford Christie, Maurice Greene, Donovan Bailey, Tyson Gay and the current fastest man on the planet Usain Bolt.

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